Sometimes you have a frustrating day where everything is dumb… and then your boyfriend surprises you with a box of pretty things from @clockwork_ct and makes it all better :)

Threw together some Johnny Snow and Ygritte costumesfor tonight’s Dancing with Dragons party. #direwolf #GoT #costume #areyoureadywesteros

Brushing day is not to be trifled with. #husky #wolfbear #halfwaydone #fuzzy

The Mystery Shack Pack: Skylar and Fenris #dogsofinstagram #husky


Traveling Waldo’s Amazing Traveling Show! 

A circus troupe assembled for the 10 year anniversary game of Dying Kingdoms in Southern California

That one time I was a Scottish drinking mermaid in a travelling circus…


The direwolf is tired after his weekend larp adventure.

Today is the last day of the Myth Masque challenge! We’re so close to getting first place! Please take a second to stop by and vote for our Four Horseman of the Apocalypse group!

I’ll be furiously finishing up some design work and sewing like a madwoman to finish my LARP costume for this weekend as the contest draws to an end today.  Help me power through by sharing or voting for my comrades.  

Also check out my friend Candace’s AMAZING Water Dragon costume and show her some vote love.  She’s currently in third place and I’d love to see both of us finish in the top three :D

So excited, I made my first mermaid tail! She’s not quite sea-worthy, but she is extremely shiny and has a lovely tooled leather fin that my love made for me.  

Here’s a preview of the shoot that Jess of Paired Images and I did yesterday in the Arboretum.  More shots soon, and hopefully also shots from the LARP I’ll wear it to this weekend!

Next step, making a swimmable tail!

Here’s a look at the starting point for my War costume. Up for voting here: in the Myth Masque Costumer’s Challenge with the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse group!

This is the original sketch that Samantha did for her War costume concept. Pulling inspiration from military traditions throughout history, the costume incorporates imagery from Viking, Roman, Greek, Aztec, Prussian, and English Victorian military garb. We wanted to represent many different eras, as if War’s ensemble had changed over countless years of harbinging doom all over the world. Comparing the final with the sketch, we’re pretty pleased with how close to the original vision this costume turned out!

Please stop by the contest page and vote! There’s only a few days left of the challenge, and we really appreciate all of your support so far 

Good Monday to you, Monocle friends! Today we’d like to share another piece from our Four Horseman of the Apocalypse group with you. See the full group and vote here: to support us in the Myth Masque Costumer’s Challenge!

This spotlight is on the skirt for War’s ensemble! Inspired by classical depictions of Valkyries and Greek goddesses, we wanted to merge a drapey toga style with a Victorian bustle to coordinate with the Prussian military style jacket. The skirt is constructed of multiple layers of red silk and pleated taffeta that cascades down the back, to flare out behind War as she strides into battle. The edges of the fabrics were left raw and then burned (actually set on fire!) to give it a distressed and battle-torn look. Then the skirt was finished with a red and gold tapestry waistband to match the trim of the jacket.

Thanks again to everyone who’s supported us in the challenge so far! And tune in tomorrow for another Apocalyptic detail spotlight 

  1. Camera: iPhone 4S
  2. Aperture: f/2.4
  3. Exposure: 1/40th
  4. Focal Length: 4mm